Dorothy Parker

Founder & Director at 4Insight

Dorothy is a Founder and Director at 4insight, headquartered in Jersey and operating globally, delivering quality insights with passion and commitment. She has over 20 years experience of delivering insights helping drive success across a range of industries including Healthcare/MedTech, Telecoms, Financial and Retail working on major brands.

A few tech innovations Dorothy introduced/designed/led;

In 2000 built the 1st Observation lab outside London for UX, with videostreaming too.

In 2006 led the European award winning team on a new Healthcare device introduction.

In 2010 introduced eye tracking technology into own Observation labs in UK.

In 2011 led a team to the first walled online community research for a major global Healthcare organisation that went on to win European awards.

In 2012 set up the 1st Observation lab (also with eye tracking technology) in the Channel Islands.

In Jersey worked on the following websites/apps to improve customer journeys and ease of use;, Jersey Finance, Digital Jersey, JT, LibertyBus, YOTI, Aurigny, Condor