Geraldine Evans

I am Geraldine Evans, Chief Learning Officer and co-founder of Prosperity 24/7.

  • What my job involves

    In a nutshell my role is about educating and empowering clients to get the best from technology. My day ranges from developing learning strategies for organisations, to running seminars and training sessions, alongside supporting our team and helping with the day-to-day operations and running of Prosperity 24/7.

  • How I got into this profession

    By chance, really.  My university degree was in Languages and Literature but when I started working my first role was in IT (helpdesk) and it naturally progressed from there.  I moved from helpdesk to become a full time internal trainer, then to running an IT Education company and then on to Prosperity 24/7.

  • Qualifications or skills needed for the role

    Communication, always. The appetite to help others, alongside a keen interest in technology.

  • Being a Women in Tech

    I’ve been very lucky in my career, in that I have always worked with employers who have judged me on my merits. There have been challenges along the way though, some due to my own lack of confidence (as opposed to unfairness). However, having a good mentor and support system really helped me, especially in the earlier days of my career. I have also learned that having a different viewpoint isn’t a bad thing, especially in a sector that is male-dominated, so my advice to others would be: don’t be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts.

  • What I enjoy most about the job

    My colleagues and our wonderful clients make my job hugely enjoyable. I love being part of positive change in an organisation and helping to improve day-to-day roles through the use of technology.

  • An exciting project i’ve been involved in

    Currently, we are working with Durrell who have implemented a cloud-based platform and we are supporting them to realise the benefits of this investment through various workshops and training sessions. It’s hugely rewarding to see how technology can really make day-to-day life easier and better for the team, not only here in Jersey but across their global team and outreach programmes. 

    Programmes of change that not only help clients work smarter but also help the community are very close to my heart and sum up the ethos of Prosperity:  if we help our colleagues, clients and community, we will all prosper.

  • Interests

    I love to read, watch movies and run.  My first marathon was supposed to be this year, the 40th London Marathon.  Obviously that hasn’t taken place and is deferred to 2021 but I guess this gives me a little longer to train!