Sophie Reynolds

My name is Sophie Reynolds and I’m a Marketing Assistant for marine company Blue Water Supplies.

  • What my job involves

    My role is very varied and I get involved in everything as it is a small business. However, recently we have been working on updating the company websites for yacht registration, representation and an ecommerce website. I assist in the redesigning and updating of these websites using WordPress.

  • How I got into this profession

    I completed a degree in Fashion Buying with Marketing and really enjoyed the marketing side of the course. I discovered a love for digital marketing, digital design and web design and taught myself Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign while at uni. Coming back to the island after my degree I searched for roles in marketing which led me to working for Blue Water Supplies.

  • Qualifications or skills needed

    A degree or experience in marketing is preferred but not essential. When I started this role I had no experience in web design or web development. Digital Jersey offer a range of courses, I completed the digital marketing course and the introduction to design course. There are also many online courses on websites like Udemy to further your experience in all areas.

  • Being a woman in tech

    Working in a very small team and being at the beginning of my career I haven’t experienced any challenges so far as a woman. Although the industry is male led it is slowly becoming more diverse and stereotypes surrounding certain roles are dissolving! 

    As I have also been involved in the running of this campaign it has opened my eyes to the diverse range of roles available in tech and the amazing women behind these roles! I think it is so important to make people aware of what is out there and available, encouraging all kinds of people into the industry; graduates, mums coming back to work or anyone looking for a career change.

  • Interests

    I love being outdoors in nature, exploring the island and all kinds of travel adventures in faraway destinations.

  • What I enjoy most about the job

    I love seeing a website come together and the effects of this on a business. I really enjoy working with the aesthetics and creating something modern, clean, user friendly and professional while still showing the identity and ethos of the company. I also love that my role is quite varied and every day is different!