Becky Kinross

Hi I’m Becky Kinross and I’m a Wedding Videographer. I have my own company called Films About Love.

  • What my job involves

    As a videographer I film events (predominantly weddings), edit the footage and produce and present the final product. I quite often work with another freelance camera person to ensure I have enough coverage of the event. In regards to weddings specifically, I spend time before the day getting to know my client to ensure the final delivery is best suited to them and is what they expect.

  • How I got into this profession

    From an early age I had a love for film and video which eventually led me to taking a degree in Film Production specialising in editing. I worked in London as a video editor for 2 years before moving to Jersey. After a couple of false starts in the film industry on the island I began a decade long career in marketing. I began filming friend's weddings and started to realise that is what I loved to do the most. 2021 will be my first year working full time as a wedding videographer.

  • Qualifications or skills needed for the role

    You need the technical knowledge of how to use a camera and editing software. You need a creative eye to frame shots and know what works in the edit. You need to be a people person.

  • Being a Woman in Tech

    Wedding videography and photography is a male-dominated industry however that is beginning to change. Jersey, in particular, has very talented female videographers and photographers. The wedding industry in Jersey is incredibly supportive of each other and I am becoming part of a great creative network on the island. I believe it is important to focus on collaboration and not competition.

  • Interests

    When I'm not running after my toddler and looking after my baby I can be found watering my plants (although not often enough) and enjoying the outdoors.

  • What I enjoy most about the job

    Meeting so many different people and being able to give them incredible memories which they can watch and keep for generations.

  • Current exciting project

    I have started to use genuine Super 8 film with a Super 8 camera. It's possible to create the Super 8 look in post production however there is something so beautiful, tactile and genuine about using genuine film. I hope to use this more in weddings films moving forward.