Elise Wetherall

Trainee Event Management and Marketing at 3D Events

I am 20 and have worked in Event Management and Marketing for the past year, since finishing my A-Levels at Hautlieu. I am currently working towards my Level 3 Chartered Institute of Marketing Qualification after having completed a 13 week Digital Marketing Course at Digital Jersey. 

In the past few months I have started my own business in Photography and Digital Marketing, based on the experience I have gained from both my studies and my full time employment. Having the freedom to work on different projects and work with different clients has definitely provided me with the ability to be more creative and to bring a fresh approach to the digital world.

I think that being young puts me in a good place within the Digital Industry as I am always using social media channels and I have an awareness of what is trending online and what works and what doesn’t.  

In my full-time role in marketing and event management, I have brought many new digital ideas to the table, including E-Goody Bags, making use of Instagram stories and Live Videos and increasing the amount of social media marketing we were using across different channels.

Having my own business as well has allowed me to gain experience in Ecommerce and web design, creating my own online site through which to sell and promote my photographs. I have also done all my own graphic design work, search engine optimisation and social media promotion.  

My overarching aim is to bring a fresh and young approach to the digital world and to keep making use of new technology in order to create exciting events, photographs and to develop more effective marketing techniques. Technology is always changing and I think there is nothing more exciting!

Elle Creative –  www.ellejersey.com