Martie Moore

My name is Martie Moore and I work for Logicalis Jersey. I started as a Lead Analyst and I’m now the Security Operation Centre Technical Manager.

  • What my job involves

    I work for a Managed Security Service Provider. My job is wide-ranging but my main function is to have input in new security services as they are developed, making sure it is operationalised into our 24x7x365 Security Operation Centre. I investigate and respond to security incidents. At times I also work with the professional services side of the business to assist with governance and compliance assessments for customers.

  • How I got into this profession

    I wanted to be an architect so I did a Computer Aided Design course. I found the appeal to work with computers outweighed the desire to be an architect.

    I did a year diploma in Data Processing and started as a receptionist before getting a break into IT as a first line support agent. I studied for my Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certification part-time and took the opportunity of working abroad for 2 years.

    Moving into the cyber security field was always a career goal but it was attained through several small opportunities rather than one big career shift.

  • Qualifications or skills needed for the role

    A natural curiosity to know how things work and a continuous willingness to learn. I think it is often more about your disposition than your qualification.

    Experience in different positions, industries and technology is a big benefit. In Cyber Security you need some understanding of the whole ecosystem – hardware, software, networking, standards, frameworks, governance etc.

    I have several vendor-specific certifications and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

  • Being a Woman in Tech

    After almost 20 years, it still feels like I’m pioneering as a woman in this industry. It feels less so in Europe than in South Africa but it is still a male-dominated industry. Experience has taught me not to let the in-balance intimidate me.

    One of the biggest challenges I faced was starting a family and spending more than a year at home as a full-time mom. 

    Knowing how fast the Cyber Security industry changes made the decision to be a full-time mom huge and coming back to work intimidating. This was a big motivation in doing my CISSP after my maternity leave.

  • What I enjoy most about the job

    Variety. I enjoy the fact that what I do is not stereotypical.

    A sense of helping others. There is an aspect of my job focused on helping people and companies be safe. Majority of the time it is proactive but at times with the strong cybercriminal element, it may be investigations and mitigation after the fact.

  • An exciting project I’ve been involved in

    The nature of my work would not allow me to share the detail of the most exciting projects I’ve worked on. The COVID crisis has emphasized the need for a flexible workforce and agility which can be achieved through various Cloud solutions. One of the projects I’m involved in is on how companies can migrate to the Cloud completely or partially confidently and securely.

  • Interests

    Everything outdoors – running, hiking, camping, exploring. Creatively I love renovating an old home or furniture.