Nicolle Maltwood

Hi I’m Nicolle Maltwood, Chair of Women in Tech and Ecosystem Manager at Barclays Eagle Lab (Chair of Junior Chamber of Commerce)

  • What is involved in your job

    My role as Ecosystem’s Manager is to help potential clients in a number of ways, such as business innovations, business efficiencies, maker-space creations by forging relationships between local entrepreneurs and key stakeholders with growth strategies from small startups to large enterprises.

  • How did you get into this profession?

    The Eco System’s role is one in a million and something I am very passionate about. I was fortunate to get this role through networking and demonstrating my capabilities within the finance and tech industries within the island.

  • What qualifications or skills did you need?

    No qualifications were particularly needed, just good solid experience within the digital / tech industry and skills such as networking, adaptability, leadership, public speaking, creativity, forward thinking with a flexible and friendly approach.

  • Being a Woman in Tech

    Being a women In tech has changed for me over the years. 

    In the beginning I would have said it was quite daunting as you are a minority within the industry. But now I think if you stick your head above the parapet then you will be heard as there are not many other women doing the same thing. 

    The only challenge is sometimes you are very much underestimated but this can be overcome by working with those around you to really flourish and shine.

    I have a very supportive team and I have been very well supported within my career by some outstanding business leaders who have had faith in me and allowed me to grow and flourish within finance / tech.

  • What do you enjoy most about the job

    I enjoy the travelling both locally and nationally to meet new clients and new teams within our large Eagle Lab network. Some of the clients I meet range from farmers through to medical technology specialists. Every day is different and every day is exciting !

  • Tell us about an exciting project you have been involved in ?

    We are currently working with farmers locally to see how we can help to implement various tech that could make their life easier as well as increase profits. One of the cool pieces of tech we are looking to implement is a water bucket tester to make sure cows, no matter how far from the farm, will always have fresh water, Once the buckets get to a low water mark an alert will go to the farm to go and replenish the tanker.

  • How did you get involved in your volunteer roles for Women In Tech & Chamber of Commerce?

    Whilst working I have tried to get involved with as many activities and committees as possible. In the beginning this started by trying to attend lots of networking events on island to meet lots of like minded people within industry sectors. 

    After attending for a couple of years and sharing my experience in the workplace with people I was lucky enough to find a group of like minded people who understood we needed to make a change to how many women are in the tech industry on the island and from there the Women In Tech committee was formed. 

    Since then we have worked really hard to run a number of initiatives to increase awareness of tech for women of all ages from school children through to the maturer lady looking for a change in career. 

    The experience from Women In Tech led me to get involved with Chamber of Commerce after being asked to get involved with the Chamber connection committee looking to help those just starting in the workplace as school leavers. 

    The role with chamber has grown to me taking over as Chair of Future Chamber at the moment looking to work closely with sixth formers and school leavers to ease the transition into the workplace. 


  • Interests

    Outside of work time you will either find me up at the yard riding my horse Ricki or in the winter months off skiing!